Lenovo ThinkPlus TH10 Headphone Review 2024 – Pros, Cons

Introduction: Lenovo TH10 Headphone Review:

Lenovo TH10 headphone review – In this review, analysis, we will delve into the various aspects of the Lenovo TH10 headphone, including its design, sound quality, connectivity options, battery life, controls, and overall user experience.

By the end of this Lenovo TH10 headphone review, you should have a clear understanding of whether the TH10 headphone is the right choice for you. So lets start our overview of the TH10 headphone review,

Lenovo TH10 Headphone’s Overview:

The Lenovo TH10 headphone is a wireless over-ear headphone that aims to provide an immersive audio experience.

With its sleek design, great sound quality, and versatile connectivity options, this headphone caters to music lovers, gamers, and those who looking a high-quality audio solution for their multimedia needs.

TH10’s Design and Comfort Review:

Lenovo Thinkplus TH10 headphone boasts an ergonomic and stylish design that blends aesthetics with comfort.

The cushioned ear cups and adjustable headband ensure a snug and comfortable fit, allow users to wear the headphone for long period of time, without any discomfort or fatigue.

The materials used in the construction are of good quality, contributing to the overall durability and longevity of the headphone.

TH10’s Sound Quality Review:

When it comes to sound quality, the Lenovo TH10 headphone strives to deliver an exceptional audio experience. The headphone is equipped with high-quality drivers that produce rich, detailed, and well-balanced sound across different frequencies.

The bass response is punchy and impactful, midrange and treble frequencies are clear and crisp, gives an immersive listening experience.

(ANC) active noise-cancellation feature further enhances the audio experience by reducing external noice, disturbances, so users can focus on their music or games.

Connectivity Options:

The Lenovo Thinkplus TH10 headphone provides a range of connectivity options to cater to various devices and user preferences.

It supports both Bluetooth and wired connections, allow users to connect to smartphones, tablets, computers, and gaming consoles by bluetooth.

Wireless connectivity is convenient for everyday usage, providing freedom of movement without the hassle of cables. Additionally, the headphone incorporates NFC pairing technology, quick and effortless connection features with compatible devices.

TH10’s Battery Life Review:

Battery life is a crucial consideration for wireless headphones, and the Lenovo TH10 headphone aims to provide extended usage time. With its built-in rechargeable battery, the headphone offers a commendable playback time on a single charge.

On average, users can expect several hours of continuous use, this long battery makes it suitable for long trips, work sessions, or extended listening sessions. The headphone also features quick charging capabilities.

Pros and Cons

As with any product, Lenovo Thinkplus TH10 headphone has its share of pros and cons to consider. Understanding these factors can help you make an informed decision:


  • Sleek and ergonomic design for optimal comfort
  • Impressive sound quality with a well-balanced audio profile
  • Active noise cancellation for an immersive listening experience
  • Versatile connectivity options, including Bluetooth and wired connections
  • Intuitive controls for easy operation


  • Limited information on warranty and after-sales support.
  • Potential variation in the actual product experience compared to marketed claims

Controls and Functionality:

Lenovo TH10 headphone features intuitive controls and convenient functionality to enhance the user experience. On the ear cups, you’ll find easily accessible buttons for playback control, volume adjustment, and call management.

These controls provide a tactile and responsive feel. Additionally, certain models may include smart features such as voice assistant integration, touch-sensitive controls, or customizable EQ settings, providing further flexibility and customization options.

Frequency Response Rate:

This Lenovo TH10 headphone boasts an impressive frequency response range, cover a wide span of frequencies to ensure an immersive and accurate audio experience.

While specific details like frequency response may vary based on the product variant, the headphone is designed to reproduce frequencies ranging from the lower bass frequencies to the higher treble frequencies.

The lower end of the frequency response, typically in the bass region, contributes to the reproduction of deep and impactful bass notes.

This is particularly important for music genres that rely heavily on bass, such as electronic, hip-hop, or pop music. The TH10 headphone is designed to provide a satisfying bass response.

Moving up the frequency spectrum, for reproducing vocals, guitars, and instruments the midrange frequencies are responsible.

The Lenovo TH10 headphone aims to maintain clarity and accuracy in this range, ensuring that the vocals and instruments are reproduced with a natural and balanced tonality.

At the higher end of the frequency response, the headphone focuses on reproducing the treble frequencies. Clear and crisp treble reproduction is crucial for capturing the finer details in music.

The Lenovo TH10 headphone aims to provide a well-extended and detailed treble response, enhancing the overall audio quality and ensuring that no intricate nuances are missed.

Final Thoughts:

The Lenovo TH10 headphone presents a compelling package for individuals looking for a wireless headphone with solid sound quality, comfort, and versatility.

Its ergonomic design, impressive audio performance, and range of features make it a suitable choice for music enthusiasts, gamers, and multimedia consumers.

With all details of the TH10 headphone we give the headphone 3 star out of 5. If the headphone best suites your need, you can buy the headphone for your needs. Its available to buy on Aliexpress, go and check now. Read some of the common FAQ’s about headphones – question & answer by gtechview.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

3 Star Out Of 5

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Can I use the Lenovo TH10 headphone with my gaming console?

A1: Yes, the Lenovo TH10 headphone supports wired and Bluetooth connections, allowing you to connect it to your gaming console for an immersive gaming experience.

Q2: How long does the battery of the Lenovo TH10 headphone last?

A2: The Lenovo TH10 headphone offers a substantial playback time on a single charge, typically lasting several hours. However, the exact battery life may vary depending on the usage and volume levels.

Q3: Can I use the headphone for phone calls?

A3: Yes, the Lenovo TH10 headphone features built-in microphone and call management functionality, allowing you to make and receive phone calls while wearing the headphone.

Q4: Does the headphone come with a carrying case?

A4: While the availability of a carrying case may vary, many Lenovo TH10 headphone packages include a protective carrying pouch for convenient storage and transportation.

Q5: Is the Lenovo TH10 headphone compatible with voice assistants like Siri or Google Assistant?

A5: Depending on the specific model, some versions of the Lenovo TH10 headphone offer compatibility with popular voice assistants, enabling voice control and hands-free operation.

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