Clean Boss Reviews – Disinfectant & Cleaner – Is It Legit or Scam!

Introduction: Ultimate Disinfectant Clean Boss Reviews

Clean Boss Reviews – In a world where cleanliness and disinfection have taken center stage, finding the right product to keep your surroundings germ-free is essential.

The rise in pollution and health concerns, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, has prompted people to seek healthier cleaning solutions. One product that has gained significant attention is Clean Boss – a botanical cleaner claiming to be the ultimate disinfectant and cleaner.

In this comprehensive review, we will delve deep into Clean Boss to determine if it lives up to its claims.

What is Clean Boss?

Clean Boss is a multi-surface disinfectant and cleaner that promises to eliminate 99.9% of germs, including bacteria, fungi, viruses, and more. What sets Clean Boss apart is its natural and botanical composition. Unlike traditional toxic cleaners, it doesn’t come with scary warnings or disclaimers.

Clean Boss aims to provide a safe and effective solution for keeping your environment clean and free from harmful microorganisms.

Why Choose Clean Boss?

Why should you consider Clean Boss for your cleaning needs?

Clean Boss offers several compelling reasons:

Broad-Spectrum Effectiveness: It claims to eliminate a wide range of germs, making it a versatile cleaning solution.

Safe for Users and Animals: Clean Boss is formulated to be safe for both humans and animals, ensuring your pets and loved ones are not exposed to harmful chemicals.

Environmentally Safe: With an eco-friendly approach, Clean Boss aims to minimize its impact on the environment.

Odorless: Unlike many disinfectants, Clean Boss boasts an odorless formula, leaving your space smelling fresh.

Affordable and Easy to Use: It’s not only effective but also budget-friendly and straightforward to use.

How Clean Boss Works?

Clean Boss relies on its key ingredient, thymol, which is a botanical derivative of thyme oil. Thymol, present in thyme plants naturally, plays a crucial role in disinfecting surfaces. When applied, it targets and eliminates germs, bacteria, fungi, viruses, and spores, providing a thorough cleaning experience.

Ingredients in Clean Boss

Clean Boss is proudly made in the USA and contains a significant quantity of thymol (0.23%). Thymol, a natural component derived from thyme oil, is the powerhouse behind Clean Boss’s germ-killing abilities.

Pros and Cons of Clean Boss

Let’s weigh the pros and cons of Clean Boss:


  • Multifunctional cleaner and disinfectant.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Claims to be odorless.
  • Positive feedback on the official website.


  • Limited positive user feedback on YouTube.
  • Mixed reviews regarding the scent.
  • May not excel at tough grease removal.

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Clean Boss Reviews
Clean Boss Reviews – Ultimate Disinfectant & Cleaner

Customer reviews play a pivotal role in deciding whether a product lives up to its claims. Clean Boss has received mixed feedback from users.

On its official website, customers express satisfaction, with statements like “CleanBoss is IT!” and “Gets rid of the soggy smells.” However, YouTube reviews have been less favorable, citing issues with cleaning performance and the scent.

Customer Reviews

Catherine C. – Verified Buyer: Rating: 5.0 stars, Date: 08/07/23

Catherine C. had a positive experience with Clean Boss, stating, “Love this cleaning product. My bathroom countertops are so clean and shiny.” She did mention that it took her a day or two to get used to the thyme smell, but now she loves it.

Andrew – Rating: 2.0 stars, Posted 1 month ago

Andrew expressed disappointment, stating, “Horrid smell…lasts for hours…gagging?!!” He had a negative experience with Clean Boss, especially regarding its odor.

He also encountered an issue when using it on his stove, as it removed the numbers around the dials. Andrew further criticized the product’s quality and advised caution, concluding with, “if it seems too good to be true…it probably is.” He decided to discard all four bottles.

Sandra W. – Verified Buyer: Rating: 5.0 stars,Date: 08/06/23

Sandra W. also expressed her love for Clean Boss: “Love the product. Cleans multi surfaces and disinfects.” However, she did encounter a minor issue with two out of four bottles, as they had trouble spraying. Sandra plans to take the top off the affected bottles to resolve the problem.

Mary D. – Verified Buyer: Rating: 5.0 stars, Date: 08/03/23

Mary D. loves Clean Boss and uses it at her workplace: “I love this product! I keep a bottle at my desk at work to clean my desk and telephone.” She appreciates the clean and pleasant scent, along with the peace of mind that it effectively kills 99% of germs.

Maria – Rating: 1.0 stars, Posted 3 months ago

Maria had a less-than-satisfactory experience with Clean Boss, stating, “Don’t Fall for the TV Advertisement – Does Not Clean.” She found that the product did not effectively clean surfaces and mentioned an unpleasant smell. Maria believed that she had better success with an all-purpose cleaner from Dollar Tree and advised others to save their money.

Cottone – Posted 5 months ago

Cottone had a frustrating encounter with Clean Boss, mentioning that the sprayer of the first bottle broke after using only about a third of it. Like others, Cottone also noted an unpleasant odor associated with the product. Ultimately, they regretted their purchase and indicated that the remaining bottles would be discarded.

Does Clean Boss Really Work?

To answer this crucial question, we turn to Field of Focus, a YouTube reviewer with 5.03K subscribers. According to her detailed research, Clean Boss performs admirably in terms of disinfection but falls short in tackling tough grease. Despite claims of being odorless, she found its scent overwhelming and unpleasant.

The Scent of Clean Boss

Clean Boss’s scent has garnered attention, and it’s not necessarily a positive aspect. The strong, herb-like odor can be overpowering, especially in enclosed spaces, potentially causing discomfort and nausea.

Alternatives to Clean Boss

While Clean Boss offers a natural and botanical approach to cleaning, there are other cleaning products on the market with pleasing scents, such as Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Automatic Dish Packs and Caldrea Laundry Detergent. It’s essential to explore alternatives that align with your specific needs and preferences.

Conclusion: Is Clean Boss Worth It?

Is Clean Boss the ultimate disinfectant and cleaner?

In conclusion, Clean Boss excels as a disinfectant but falls short when it comes to heavy-duty cleaning tasks and scent. While it has received positive feedback on its official website, YouTube reviews have been less favorable.

It’s crucial to consider your cleaning priorities and whether Clean Boss aligns with them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Clean Boss Reviews

Q1: Is Clean Boss safe for pets and children?

A1: Yes, Clean Boss is formulated to be safe for both pets and children.

Q2: Can Clean Boss remove tough grease stains?

A2: Clean Boss may struggle with tough grease removal; its primary strength lies in disinfection.

Q3: Are there alternatives to Clean Boss with better scents?

A3: Yes, there are alternative cleaning products with more pleasant scents, such as Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Automatic Dish Packs and Caldrea Laundry Detergent.

Q4: Is Clean Boss environmentally friendly?

A4: Clean Boss strives to be environmentally safe and minimize its impact on the environment.

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